3 Tips for a Perfect Wedding

Congratulations that you found your love of life, and you are spending the rest of your life with him/her! You have been dreaming about a perfect wedding made up of small wonderful moments and memories that last a lifetime, and feel blessed and lucky when you look back in your golden age. Let’s face it, the day you getting married is the most exciting and memorable day in most girls’ life. However, a dream wedding is not easy to achieve and might create lots of stress, because it requires lots of work and weeks even months of time spent on planning and making it perfect. The tasks include looking for a right , choosing the location and picking the theme and so much on. If you don’t use a wedding planner and going to be a superwoman who would love to do everything yourself, it is likely very stressful to face that massive to-do list.

But I have 3 top tips for breaking down the long and terrifying to-do list into manageable pieces.

1. Set Your Budget First

moneyFirst thing comes first, a wedding costs money and a perfect one may cost a fortune. The first thing you need to do is to set a budget for how much you can spend or want to spend. Not only a budget as a whole is a must-do, but also budget for every part of a wedding is necessary. Only that way, you can prioritize the part you want to spend the most money on. Do you want your wedding to be captured professionally, so you can look back to the most beautiful memories? If so, you might want to spend a little more hiring a great and professional photographer. Are you a foodie, and want all guests to enjoy tasty food and drink? Would you more like to look the most fabulous girl in the world on your wedding day? If so, prioritize your wedding dress.

2. Theme and Location

Next thing has to be deciding on the type of wedding you want. Start with location which is a crucial factor for determining the theme of the day. Are you looking to have a church wedding, beachside wedding or wedding in middle of woods? After you have picked the theme you want, the location should suit the theme of wedding. Also consider how difficult or easy it is for your guests to come. One of the most important thing is to check with guests’ availabilities if you pick a location in another city or overseas.

3. Photography and Film

You will be surprised how fast the best day of your life goes and most likely to regret if you did not have a professional capturing the whole thing. Photographs or videos is one of the best format you can use to treasure the moments and memories, and make sure you can look back one day, and the memories would be brought back. Personally, I would prefer video format, because it could bring back the moments more vividly than photographs do. I bet you will have a happy smile on your face when see the video or photographs of your time of your life.