4 Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurship is not as easy as a walk in a park for everyone. Entrepreneurship used to be man’s domain, but the tide has shifted towards women. There are more and more strong and intelligent women who have started their own businesses. However, when it comes to entrepreneurship, there is still a long way for women to catch up with male entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not as easy as a walk in a park, and it can be challenge for everyone. But most women entrepreneurs face several major more hurdles, obstacles or challenges than men. They need to be aware of the challenges in order to overcome the hurdles and become more successful as a whole.

Here are 4 major challenges that women entrepreneurs face nowadays listed below. You have come to the right place, either you are a female who started a business or is thinking of starting a business.

1. Limited Access to Funds

fundLots of startup look for investors to get the business off ground at the first place especially for those who are well aware of the difficulty of pitching process. Women usually have less access to funds than men. It is also more difficult for women to raise capitals than men. It is suggested by expert that women looking for business investor should have a promising product that fits at hand and confidence and a professional team as well as a proper strategy.

You can also consider equipment financing if you need funds to purchase equipment at a startup stage, instead of seeking for an investor. If you are looking at investment property as it is most often a safe investment, you could inquire about investment property loans. Home loan companies can help you look at the market place and help you find the best deal.

2. Not Being Taken Seriously

Women’s views and opinions are not always taken as seriously as men’s when it comes to business. It happens a lot when a woman is starting a business, families and friends tend to take it as a hobby or a little project on the side on top of wife and mother role, rather than a bona fide business. Women need to realize this is a major gender obstacles, and should seek professional and support to overcome this hurdle. 

3.    Wanting to Please Everyone

Women-EntrepreneursThis society has told and taught that females should be more tender and nice, otherwise you are not fulfilling your female role and there is something wrong with you. In this case, this makes women have tendency to seek approval of others and have a harder time of saying “no”, which can lead to spending time helping others and neglect their own need.

4. Balancing Business and Life

Work-life balance is something everyone is seeking including entrepreneurs, regardless of gender. It is extremely challenging for women who run a business and look after a family, because women are put on a mother role that should take on more responsibilities than men when it comes to family and children. It is very important to realize this challenge and find ways to the balance of business and life. It would be more effective and beneficial for a business when you don’t have to deal with child as much as you did normally, in which case you can communicate with your partner and come to an agreement that would both good. Also your own perception is crucial to get more successful. You should not beat yourself up if you miss a class with your child or family dinner, and find the balance for both business and life and let yourself devote into it in order to achieve a more successful goal.