5 Things At Home You Should Clean Often

A home that lacks attention and good hygiene can generate risks to human health. For risks like asbestos and pests that can be removed by asbestos removal company and pest removal professionals, there are plenty of other risks that could lower your life quality and harm your health. Many people are not aware of the importance of hygiene at home, or they are too “lazy” to realize it, or they only clean the obvious dust and dirt that they can see.

There are millions of termites and germs that you can’t see on every home item. Do you wash the corners of your home often enough to keep the risk of home hazards to a minimum? Have you spent a fortune on owning and renovating a home of your dream, but it turned out to be a place where termites and pests called home? I guess no one wants that. Here let’s learn about 5 things you should be cleaning often.

1. BathroomToilet

The bathroom is likely to be the room we forget on a cleaning day because you might think that we only shower in there with water and shower gel, and there should not be too much dirt. On the contrary, the bathroom should be a huge part of your cleaning plan that just equals to a living room, kitchen and a garden. Also, expert mentioned that you don’t need to clean all bathroom fixtures as often as you think, and a bathroom would be fine with a once a month clean.

2. Shower Heads

shower headerMost people don’t realize how a shower head that has not been clean regularly can affect the water quality that could lead to skin problem. My skin started to get lots of acne after I moved to Thailand and I thought I was simply stressed. Then I got to know the real hidden reason—water quality, and I was suggested add a water filter with my shower head. You see now how bad water quality can affect your skin. Give your shower head some attention by soaking them in vinegar and water solution to remove deposits.

3. Oven

You can leave your oven out for your weekly cleaning plan now, but you should spot clean it as soon as there are smoke and odors coming out from burnt-on food remnants. You can use an oven cleaner or a damp rag.

4. Toilets

We all know that toilet could be a place with lots of bacteria, and we definitely need to pay attention to our toilet hygiene. Spot clean as needed, and a deep clean once a month is recommended. You can scrub with a brush and cleaner to remove germs and mineral deposits for spot clean, and use a proper strong cleaner for a once a month clean.

5. Bathtub

You don’t normally need to worry about cleaning a bathtub more than once a month unless you are a hygiene freak and want to clean it more than once a week. However, there is one thing you want to avoid—the dreaded bathtub ring. You can spray around the bathtub with a cleaner and scrub away the stains.

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