How to help your dentist look after your teeth


Dentists work very hard and for a very long time in their academic life to strive to be a better dental practitioner so that they can provide the best care to their patients.

Being a dentist is probably one of the most maligned and looked down on field of medicine. However it should be remembered that these people are doctors and should command the same courtesy and willing ness to help and assist as you would give your GP. So here are a few things to keep in mind next time you take a seat in the horrible plastic-y chair at your local clinic.


Just stop smoking already

I’m not sure you will ever need another person to tell you something about stopping smoking that you didn’t already know, but for your dentist it becomes his job when evaluating their patient’s oral hygiene.

Apart from the well know effects that tobacco smoke has on the heart and respiratory system, it also massively affects your teeth by providing bacteria with a more suitable environment for replication and in turn increases the likelihood of tooth decay and plaque buildup and tooth loss.

An added effect of smoking on the mouth cavity itself is that the harsh and often toxic chemicals found in your mouth can cause mouth ulcers that when exposed to even more of these chemicals can develop into a cancerous growth.

Don’t brush like an 8 year old child

Yes there are fully grown adults who have to be repeatedly told that their brushing technique is not up to par and that they need to go and “brush up” on their tooth cleaning technique. This will eventually infuriate your dentist to the point of insanity.

Not brushing enough, brushing too much or improper technique can all be factors to consider but as a general rule of thumb, twice to three times a day, with the toothbrush angled 45 degrees and gently brushed across the teeth in a circular motion for around 2 minutes is enough.

Plaque is not exactly cement and will come away from the tooth without too much force.

For floss sake!

Not flossing your teeth is something that we are all surely guilty of, however it is repeatedly extolled by dentists and oral hygienist’s as one of the most important ways of  keeping your teeth and the gums clean. However improper flossing can cause more damage than good so ensure that the floss you use on each tooth is fresh and clean and to tightly hug the tooth with the floss to avoids damage to  the gums.

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