How to buy cupcakes as a gift

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, however, it’s more accurate to say that the way to absolutely anyone in the world’s heart is through buying them food. You won’t forget a thoughtful and charming edible gift given to you by a friend, colleague or family member. That is until you’ve eaten it! There are many different items you could choose from but one item that has seen a massive surge in popularity is sending personalized cupcakes to people to mark a special occasion and there are plenty of reasons why.

First off they are a particularly “in-trend” thing to give, totally suitable for both adults and children alike and they look and taste great. They can be personalized to practically any dietary requirement or need and taste. It’s also easy to find bakers in your area who will be happy to undertake the work rather than ordering from an online supplier. However here are some important things to remember before you actually go about ordering anything.


Now if you want really personalized and high quality cakes then you need to give your baker ample time to prepare your order. While they may be small and dainty looking it’s often this trait that leads them to take longer as any time saved in the actual baking process is overrun by time spent decorating and personalizing them individually with icing or other tasty and attractive toppings. They can also take longer due to high demands and even the largest, best-staffed bakery is very unlikely to be able to do custom order, say within 12 hours.

Make sure that, if you are looking for personalized cakes that is, you give your baker at least 48hrs advanced notice, longer if possible, and failure to do this may mean you have to resort to buying premade, un-personalized cakes that have been made for personalization in a rush. Meaning you would only be able to select a limited array of cake styles and flavors to be decorated and personalized from there. Why run the risk of hampering your amazing and imaginative gift idea by leaving it till last minute to go ahead and place your order with your baker?

Tastes and preference

It’s easy to forget when you are surrounded by amazing looking cakes and other baked treats that it is somebody else you are buying for no matter how much you wish you were buying for yourself. Subsequently that person will have different tastes and preferences as to what cake they enjoy. You have to make sure that you choose something they truly enjoy as opposed to just a generic choice based on uncertainty. Luckily a wide variety of flavors can be ordered at once to help you try to please everyone’s taste buds. This will make the gift feel far more personal and well thought through as you take what would make them the happiest into account.

It’s also important to take into account any dietary requirements that this person may have and you would ideally need to ask, either directly or indirectly, if they are allergic to anything or don’t eat certain food. For example, if a person is Jewish, or Muslim, you must ensure that no products that contain gelatin are included in your plans as more often than not gelatin is made from pork bones, something that is forbidden in these faiths. You also need to identify allergies that that person has. Otherwise it may hamper your gift somewhat if it nearly kills the person that you give it too. And obviously their own particular dietary habits also need to be factored in, for example, vegans cannot eat any kind of animal product and it must be made clear to the baker that they are too substitute the eggs and milk for vegan-friendly alternatives.