How to choose the best material for a headstone

When you plan a memorial, really it is supposed to mean something to or about the person that you have sadly lost. While this doesn’t exactly help with the grieving process, it can be comforting to know that your friend or family member is being appropriately remembered and their memory will be enshrined and immortalized in a beautiful memorial or headstone for their grave. They can come in a variety of different shapes and with any kind of message that you want to include. However, as with anything that has aesthetic value, there is a design process behind it and you will want to carefully consider exactly how the gravestone will help to honor their memory.

One of the things that you will need to decide early on and will dictate most of the budget is the material that you choose to have it carved from. There are a few traditional materials that headstones are carved from, so let’s take a look at some of them as well as some more original and out their ideas.


After enjoying a few hundred, possibly thousands of years as the most popular memorial material, marble memorials have fallen slightly out of favor due to the material damaging, becoming weathered and eventually completely delaminating a lot faster than other materials. This is due to the rock being significantly more absorbent to water, rain and other liquids that it may encounter in its time outside. And other materials to soak in as opposed to remaining on the surface.  Never the less a well-crafted marble memorial can be extremely striking and beautiful and the softness of the rock also means that it is easier for your mason to work incredible detail into the memorial and they generally come at a significantly lower price than their granite counterparts.





Granite headstones are by far the most popular material of the modern age. Its availability, smooth finish, variety of colour and extent of the stones natural beauty is what people are first drawn to. It is also extremely durable, lasting seemingly forever with very little in the way of wear and tear. There was a reason that the Egyptians made monument s from them and why they can still be clearly read even today, even after centuries in the desert. However with its increased demand also come increased prices with granite tombstones being towards the higher end of the spectrum and prices for larger or bespoke pieces can easily run into the thousands.


A slightly more uncommon material but by no means inferior, in terms of durability, bronze memorials are up there with granite and are easily able to stand the test of time with ease. Albeit with bronze, there is slightly more maintenance work required to keep it looking its best. They also look great with the reflectivity of the bronze making your loved one’s memorial really stand out. However, they are generally harder to find as many stone-masons do not work with bronze and therefore may have to be custom made either by a company or individual craftsmen to truly get what you want. They are also pretty expensive with prices ranging from the same as granite, but often times more, however, the size and detail that you get for your money will be slightly less.

Stainless Steel

These new-vogue and modern headstones have been making waves recently with their ultra-sleek and futuristic appearance they are definitely a way to ensure that the memorial turns heads and fuels imaginations for years to come. They are also extremely durable and resistant to tarnishing over long periods of time and can be mirror finished, have personalized messages and images and intricate engravings. However, they can also become quite expensive depending on the level of customization and what kind of finish you would like to include.

They also weigh a considerable sum and you will struggle to find memorial companies that can actually perform this kind of work and if you have your heart set on this kind of memorial the chances are that you will have to employ a specialist company that may not necessarily be located close to your area which will bump up the cost in terms of commissioning and shipping the product to the graveyard for installation. However, your loved one will truly have a unique marker for their grave that’s for sure.