How to Develop a Growth Mindset

A best-selling book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Author Dweck explains that some people believe their success is based on immutable ability and have a ‘fixed’ view of intelligence (fixed mindset). Others, who believe their success is based on hard work, learning, training and persistence have a ‘growth’ view of intelligence (growth mindset).

Personally, I believe there is a difference among people. Why do some people manage to reach their potential and succeed, while others fail and stay mediocre? It all depends on your mindset because it is just like another form of yourself. Building a correct and strong mindset is part of personal development. Here is a free personal development seminar if you are seeking more directions of personal development.

Do you believe that we were born smart or stupid? Some individuals with fixed mindset think that some people were born stupid and they will never succeed no matter how much effort, study and hard work you take because your intelligence and ability are fixed from day one you came into this world.

However, plenty of other people with growth mindset see our brain as a muscle that grow and maturate with hard work and dedication.

Different mindset could shape your life differently, lead you to different direction, and decide your success and happiness.

A fixed mindset promises high-chance failure, inability to become better and break out a tough situation which sucks you in.

A growth mindset allows you to embrace failure when you fail because you think you have not learned enough, and to see every challenge as an opportunity that you can’t get enough to thrive.

Do you possess a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

Here are 10 ways to help you develop a growth mindset, even if you realize you have a fixed mindset as long as you are dedicated enough and willing to put hard work into changing your mindset.


Accept Imperfections

Don’t be afraid to show your weakness. Real weak people are those who don’t feel secure enough to unveil their weakness.

Consider Challenge as an Opportunity

Being able to enjoying challenge and understand the significances of the challenge is part of personal development.

Don’t Stop Learning

LearnLearning is the most beneficial process that lasts your whole life.

Stop Seeking Approval

Insecurities about yourself makes you tend to seek approval and validation. Focus on bettering yourself instead of trying to look good in others’ eyes.

Appreciate Process over Results

Personally, I have always believed life is a process instead of a destination. And I enjoy and embrace whatever life has to offer me, no matter it is happiness, satisfactions, tears, pain or obstacles. They are what proves that you are alive.

See Criticism as Positivity

There is a reason why “construction criticism” makes sense. See criticism from another aspect and you will learn a lot from it for sure.

Effort Before Talent

A growth mindset means talent can be built over continuous effort input.

Use the Phrase “No Yet”

Don’t say you can’t complete a difficult task, instead, say that you have not done it yet.

Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and they are the major way for human beings to progress.

 Think realistically about time and effort

Learning takes time. It is realistic and practical to think that there is no way you can master something or everything overnight.