The Importance of Finding Time to Pamper Yourself

Let’s start with a cliché; being a mother (or father) is a full time job. Ok let’s get real, it’s a whole lot harder than that. Both physically and emotionally being a parent will can be equally exhausting as it is exhilarating and it is important not to get burnt out. No matter what your circumstances are in life you should always find time for yourself. You need this time to unwind and relax and doing this will also be beneficial for the child by learning to spend short periods of time alone and making them less dependent on you. You should always look to schedule something in as often as you can, calendar permittinag, and use the spare time you find (or rather make) productively. And what sort of things should you be doing? Anything that makes you relax and makes you feel like you’ve been pampered. After all, when you’re spending all of your time looking after children it makes sense that you should have some time when someone looks after you instead.



If you don’t go to the spa, then why not? They are popping up everywhere now and finding one locally really shouldn’t be that hard. Ask around or check online if you are unsure. Going to the spa is one of those things that people tend to receive as a birthday present but why just go once a year? Every few months visiting a spa can really help your mood and outlook as well as the numerous health benefits it provides. Try to find a day when the children are elsewhere or can be looked after and take your time savouring it unrushed whether you choose to go alone or with your friends.



These are often available at spas but you can get these in a wide range of places such as health clubs or even privately in homes. Much like visiting the spa a massage will help to sooth and relax your body and mind and will slow down your busy brain whilst relieving the inevitable aches and pains that arise from raising children. There are a wide range of types available so you can have it done as vigorously (or not) as you please. When combined with scents and maybe even a sleep, going for a massage can make you feel like you’ve had a week’s worth of rest and you will be both calm and reinvigorated.

Treat Yourself


Literally, do something for yourself. Go and get a new hair cut because you’ve got a spare afternoon or buy yourself some new clothes or items you’ve always wanted. Just the action of going out to do something can be a good way to keep you regularly making trips outside as the four walls of the home can begin to feel like they’re closing in at times. Every now and again really treat yourself and get yourself something more than the usual. Maybe you have always been annoyed by your teeth so why not consider going to have them whitened? Maybe you are feeling a bit self-conscious of your skin so you could go and have pigmentation treatment at a local beautician. Every now and again you should do something just for you. You obviously might not be able to afford this all the time but that’s why it’s such a treat. You need to look after yourself, mind, body and soul finding a little time to pamper yourself is key to doing this so stop finding excuses to not have the time and make it.