What signs to look out for that your cleaner is doing a bad job

A good cleaner can be a life saver, somebody who will come in to save the day and take those annoying and time consuming domestic chores off of your plate and quickly and professionally resolve them to your satisfaction. After all, who wants to come home after a hectic day at the rat race working hard for your company and giving it your all to build your professional standing within it, only to come home to a veritable disaster area? Well a cleaner worth their salt can really make a difference to your home and your schedule, giving you more time to enjoy doing what you love whether that’s spending time with your loved ones, playing a sport or indulging in a favorite TV show.

However not all cleaners are created equal, and as every person themselves is different so too are cleaners in their approach, level of service and standard of work. After all you are the one paying for the service so it makes no sense that you would pay for a subpar service that you then may have to potentially have to repeat yourself. But how do you tell if your cleaner is doing a tip top job with every clean? Well luckily Calibre Cleaning, a provider of domestic cleaning services, has given us a list of handy hints to help you properly asses you cleaner’s work.

Trained staff

If you are concerned about the quality of the clean that you are paying for, it could be worth either hanging back at home while they do it one day or to install a “nanny cam” in your house to see what they are doing. If your cleaner appears to be wandering around with little direction or looks confused as to how to approach something then it may be the case that they are simply not trained to the extent where they can handle your requirements to the standard that you are expecting. It’s not necessarily their fault but it’s not something that you can really tolerate with the amount of money you will be spending for her to come every week or so.

Firstly try and speak to your cleaner directly about whether they are having issues with anything and take this opportunity to ask them about their previous experience and level of training. Assess how they answer and if they seem like they are knowledgeable and confident in their own abilities then maybe give them the benefit of the doubt. But if the amateur standard of cleaning behavior continues to be an issue then that would be the indicator that maybe your cleaner is not best suited to your home and discuss with the company whether you can arrange for an alternative cleaner.

Professional equipment and supplies

Obviously if you were happy to run around your house with a jay cloth and bleach you would’ve done that yourself and saved a fair bit of money in the process. However when you employ a professional house cleaner to tackle this work for you, you are within your rights to expect that the work will be done not just using the most professional and efficient methods but also using professional grade equipment and cleaning supplies to give you the best possible result at the end, as professional grade equipment is designed to do the job quickly and to the highest possible standard given that you are paying money for a professional company they should be expected to justify that professional status with the proper tools.

Obviously, dependent on the jobs that require undertaking your house, the definition of “professional equipment” could vary between different jobs. You might want to get an industrial floor buffer to clean your 10’ X 10’ kitchen just to get that extra shine. What they should be using however if we continue this example is a proper buffing mop with the correct head and using the correct strength and brand of polishing agent for your floor. Do remember that often times your cleaner themselves will have absolutely no control over what they bring to the job so make sure if you bring it up with them to be polite and not instantly blame them for the issue, and if they say they can’t do anything about it then try calling the company to further discuss a solution for you.