How to Switch Off From Work on Holiday

Are you finally be able to take some time off work to go on holiday, but it turns out that you feel stressed and not rested on holiday and come back to work feeling more stressed faced with massive work load? If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

Studies show that only around half of the people who go on holiday come back to work rested and rejuvenated, and one third of them stated that they have trouble relaxing because of work stress. With 24/7 convenient access to internet, it is hard to completely turn our phone and laptop off and stay away from work and social media, and really relax and spend times with ourselves. Some people even feel they have to check their emails in order to relax.

Usually staying in a luxury hotel and having great food and views help people relax, however you are still not able to relax if you don’t know how to switch off from work and social media. Real peace and calmness come from inside and everything outside can help you go back to work re-energized. Here are 4 tips to assist you feel refresh after a holiday.

1. Do Something New

I have to say, most people, including me, think that doing nothing is the thing you should do on vacation in order to relax. However, there are other ways to get back to your much needed break—learn something new. Doing something you have never done before in a new exciting place is more beneficial than trying to do nothing. From anything adventurous like surfing or skydiving to learning a few words of a new language is a great way to feel that you leave work behind, and you are making progress as a person because you try new things you never did before.

2. Meditation

MeditationMeditation and paced breathe help you stimulate nerve system, which works to balance the surges of adrenaline and cortisol that accompany stress. A good way to relax and finally feel yourself again is to learn to focus your mind on the present and this moment. Meditation on a quiet viewpoint over amazing view of the ocean or mountain or lake is a great idea. Imagine you are surrounded by beautiful nature and open your eyes to it after the meditation. That simple makes you feel so much better in general.

3. Enjoy Healthy Food

Enjoy Healthy FoodThere is a saying “we are what we eat”, which means what we eat determines the way we present ourselves. Healthy raw food helps boost health and wellbeing, and it encourages the feeling of inner peace and calmness. Eating healthy vegetables and juices during holiday helps you feel mentally reenergized and ready to take on the world when you get back to work, and boost your mood and give you a great mental status.

4. Get Active

If what you do requires you sitting in a chair all day long like my job, it is a good opportunity to get active on a holiday, and make up for all the exercise you have lost. It doesn’t have to be an hours-of-gym work out, even a 20 minute walk would do the “green exercise” (physical activity in natural settings) work.

“None of us are really supposed to sit at a desk for 12 hours day”

Being active enables you to feel positive and creative, which increases the feeling of happiness and peace.