What things are important to remember on your wedding day?

Your wedding is said to be one of the most important days of your life, with all the emotion and auspiciousness associated with the occasion there are so many personal and meaningful moments that will occur that it can sometimes slip the mind that your wedding day itself requires a portion of your attention to ensure the day progresses smoothly. Hopefully this guide will help you to prepare, so you can spend less time on your organizing things on the day, and more time creating the treasured memories with your loved ones.

Marriage licensing and administration
Now the specific procedure and guidelines can vary drastically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, however it remains a fact that in most instances of marriage that you will need to notify the relevant authority’s and attain the necessary permits to ensure that not only that you are fully registered on the census as a married couple, but a lot of priests and registration offices cannot legally commence with the ceremony until such a permit has been produced. This is an absolute must to ensure that your wedding can happen at all.

Vendor meals
Chances are that on the day your going to have a veritable army of people assisting you and making sure that all of the individual elements of your big day come together as an unforgettable and fondly cherished memory of your union. Do you want these people to walk around hungry? Your caterers will require you to confirm final guest numbers at least 2 weeks in advance of the day and your vendor meals will also need to be included. Generally offered at a reduced price, these meals are for everyone that works for you, venue staff will not expect to be fed throughout the day so should not be factored in.

The guestbook is the sort of thing that I imagine you will find yourself flicking through for years to come, whether in happy moments to sweetly remember  or in more difficult times in life when you want to remember the sweeter moments in life. Your guestbook will require at least al little bit of though, after all you’ll want a nicely presented book that will last the test of time, be visually  striking on the plinth and be made from high quality paper, so that the kind (and often drunken) that will be written to last the test of time.

Your Look
At some time before this you will have had a consultation with your makeup artist. Ideally, you would’ve had a trial run with them to iron out any concerns and uncertainty’s you had regarding your hair and makeup. In either case you will want ensure that your beauty professional is aware not only of exactly what kind of look you are looking to achieve but also a timeline of the day as to ensure that she can arrive in time and also that she can factor in everything so you are looking your best at all times.

As your look does not only comprise your makeup but your overall appearance, it’s a no-brainer that your wedding dress is an absolute priority. It is safe to say that this should have been planned long before the wedding day and should be nothing short of perfect when you walk down the aisle. Ormalu in Albany WA,  have wedding dresses with various style and size ranges. Contact them through the link to check them out.