What to do before you sell your home

Selling your home can be an exciting, daunting and nerve racking experience which culminates in a resulting sale for the profit you were looking for. Whether that money is to be used immediately to invest in a larger house with more room for a growing family or whether you are simply cashing in on a long standing investment. However, you will first need to take stock of all you have and accept that the process will be arduous and long and will require a lot of your spare time to complete properly in order to get that asking price you are banking on.

So it’s vital that you not only appreciate the process for selling in detail but are also familiar with the complexities and more subtle procedures and tasks that must be completed in order to maximize your house’s selling power and shore up a maximum price for its relative value. However, the agent can only go so far and there are a number of things that will fall on and for you to take care of so hopefully we can give you a few pointers to remember and to help keep you on track so it’s really important that you find an agent who will inevitably work for you and is reputable in the real estate industry in your area as they will be handling all aspects of this highly complicated process to ensure everything is above board and done correctly.

Professional staging

No matter how tastefully and well decorated your home in general is, with both the decoration and organization of your home, the probability is that it’s just not ready to the satisfactory standard to be presented too potential buyers and it requires adequate levels of preparation to organize and also remove any invasive or obstructive ornaments. This will help to generate the kind of open and inviting atmosphere and look for your property which will be attractive to the people looking to buy and are viewing the property in person.

This is a task that you could possibly do yourself to some degree, but our recommendation would be to seek out a professional company to assist you with this presentation and space creating work. it will definitely be worth your while to  to employ the services of a professional home staging professional who has many years’ experience in carrying out all of the necessary work to the standard require, after all a potential buyer is considering forking out at least a cool $150,000 for the house that they like the best. Do you really want to distort your homes beauty with all of that to lose? It will also make the photographer who is responsible of taking the marketing photographs for the various listings and brochures able to take quality photographs that will actually help sell your home and show it in the best light.


Try to remove your life from the home

What you are ideally looking to create in your home is a blank canvas that the person considering buying will actually feel like they can transplant their life into with ease, meaning that you not only want to clear away any personal items but you also want to make sure that you try to remove the presence of things that are overly garish or are massive parts of your personality. In short, your collection of “I heart Wagga Wagga” shirts has to go into a box ready to pack away, otherwise it’s going to feel like somebody else’s home rather than their potential home.

Make sure you comb your house for overly personal photographs; pieces of art are fine however family portraits and wedding pictures are probably best left hidden out of sight for the duration of the viewing periods and too ensure that you children’s toys, clothes and school books are packed away into their respective places in the bedroom, where those things are too be expected. Be sure to also make sure that you don’t bombard the viewer with too much information about your life in the house and nothing else, speak in more general terms about the property itself and don’t spend your time spinning yarns about all of your happy times in the property itself. If you are asked for your opinion, keep it conservative and neutral as you don’t want to set the wrong kind of impression.